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The Bakery

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Libanais (pronounced Lee-Ba-Nay) doesn’t just make Lebanese sweets and desserts – we’ve perfected it! We make Lebanese classics that are meticulously hand-crafted, delectably prepared with the finest and freshest ingredients, and divinely made to balance each of the flavors so that they don’t overpower each other and can be savored in every bite.

From the various types of baklavas to Knefeh and other Kashta related desserts, come experience Looking for a delicious vegan dessert? we have you covered. some our desserts are vegan, and some are even sugar-free so you can enjoy guilt free!

Filling the neighborhood

with sweet scents

Baklava is an ancient, highly refined and celebrated dessert. It is by far the most popular Mediterranean dessert. When prepared correctly, baklava has a delicate and gratifying balance of sweetness, nuttiness and a subtle crunch of phyllo dough. However, Lebanese desserts is not the only thing Libanais perfects. The Lebanese culture has long been influenced by European and specifically French cuisine and Libanais also offers some of the most delicious European desserts authentically home mad. 

Visit Libanais and experience the different Lebanese and European desserts displayed in our sweets showroom.

Libanais Restaurant Bakery Section
Libanais Restaurant knefe

Order Online

Can't make it to Libanais? we have you covered. You can order our sweets online at or on Additionally, you will find Libanais sweets at your neighborhood grocery store. 

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