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The Libanais STORY



From the shores of the Lebanese Mediterranean Sea, and the legendary Raouche Rocks, we bring you Libanais (Lee-bah-Neh), an authentic and casual Lebanese restaurant.

With over 80 years of family experience which began with Nasr Restaurant in Raouche, Beirut in 1935, Libanais is designed to represent traditional Lebanese cuisine in a pristine atmosphere that every visitor will enjoy. Guests are treated like family and offered delicacies unlike any other that are prepared fresh daily.


Libanais is distinguished by its daily specials that promises to surprise clients’ palette. The wide variety of mezze and food, homey atmosphere and elegant decoration provides for unforgettable experience. Guests can also experience dining on the terrace during the summer months.



At Libanais, we strongly believe that incredible ingredients make for incredible recipes. For that reason, we only use halal crescent & Amish high-quality chicken, halal lamb, organic chick peas, fava beans, handpicked tomatoes; in addition to, assorted vegetables, organic flour assortments and kosher sea salt.

Unique recipes are not complete without highly qualified, handpicked spices from Turkey. Organic extra virgin olive oil is used to intensify flavors and add to guests’ dining experience. Did we mention our Zaatar is fantastic? It is a mixture of handpicked oregano, thyme, sumac, sea salt, sesame & organic olive oil.

Nasr Restaurant in the 1970s - Elias Nasr

To uphold and cherish our history, we carefully take food and service supervising matters into our own hands to ensure guests are served delicious food that is adoringly cooked daily with the freshest and highest quality products.

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